Our Vision

The historical Boggo Road prison should be a heritage treasure, but it has been mismanaged for far too long – badly under-utilised; expensive access prices; and the Real History of the place undermined with an unfortunate focus on ‘ghost tours’. It’s potential remains sadly unlocked.

BAHA aims to change this. The former prison could open its doors to the community and become a thriving centre of arts and heritage events and activities. It has many compelling stories, both large and personal, and those stories need to be explored and told in different ways and through different voices.

A not-for-profit model would also make prices more affordable.

We want to encourage different people to create, to research, to share the stories, to entertain and challenge, and make Boggo Road a place that people come back to again and again.

What would a Boggo Road Heritage and Arts Centre look like?
Boggo Road will finally open its doors to the community, welcoming visitors into its unique indoor and outdoor spaces to experience a variety of events and activities that connect with the themes of punishment, rehabilitation, redemption and reconciliation.

  • Professional-standard historical interpretation, including a variety of respectful guided tours, digital experiences, museum displays, and quality educational programmes for children.
  • A dynamic programme of live drama, music and fine arts events.
  • Stimulating and thought-provoking seminars and debates about Boggo Road.
  • Arts classes, workshops and workspaces.
  • A Prison History Library and Research Centre.
  • For the first time, there will be an emphasis on the Indigenous perspective.
  • Onsite food and drink outlets.
  • Development of a large volunteer base.