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13 September 2016

The Brisbane City Council approval process for the Boggo Road redevelopment Draft Application plans is still underway. Although this phase had initially been expected to be completed earlier this year, it is now anticipated it could be October/November before a decision is reached.

If the plans are approved, the project will then move straight to the public consultation phase.

There has been a change in the names involved, and Stockwell Pty Ltd will now be taking on the major role in the next phase of this project. Their project webpage can be seen here.

Following this change, we understand that there could be adjustments to the redevelopment proposals, with less readaptation of the physical structures at the prison than previously planned, although this has not been confirmed and the developers and BCC are still discussing details.

The arts/heritage component of the redevelopment will be retained.


3 November 2015

The Development Application plans for Boggo Road were released in October 2015 and can be viewed here.

The heritage report can be viewed here.

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